WebLager® - electronic building project archive

In collaboration with the majority of the country's municipalities we have developed an electronic building project archive - WebLager. The system was developed by request and in close dialogue with building administrators and other stakeholders in the municipalities around the country. This helps to ensure a relevant and useful surface to manage and use the archive in everyday life.

WebLager lies on our systems. This means that it is always easily accessible via fast fiber network from our server park. With that we ensure backup of all data. We work according to the latest informationsecurity standards to protect the availability and validity of data as much as possible. It also means that you do not have to stand for the complex infrastructure that lies behind the huge amount of data that the archive represents. Further, the municipality can even control and manage access to the archive for both citizens and employees.

PartnerPortal® - webbased document management

After the scanning of an archive you need to access these data electronically and avoid that they are messed around in common folder structures. For this purpose we have developed 'PartnerPortal®', which is a webbased document management system.

PartnerPortal® is used by many public and private costumers, and stored a lot of data of various kinds. The system can be adapted to individual needs, as just your organization hold and therefore provide better and easier access to your documents. Especially for searching across the archive can be done in all documents in seconds.

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